About Us


Why trust Us

Guda Travel & Tourism (GTT) is one of the leading travel companies in Egypt and the Middle East. Our success is a natural result of our belief in integration and partnership.
We offer various exceptional services provided by our talented manpower through our advanced systems and global partnerships while ensuring the highest standards of service quality at all levels and the most competitive rates just for our dear clients. We are working hard around the clock to provide the best unforgettable travel experience to our client, aiming to reach and conquer the international market.
Our main website is in the English language, but we also maintain sites in Chinese, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Japanese to facilitate effective and clear communication with our clients.
Our vision depends mainly on satisfying all our client's needs, meeting more than their expectations, and achieving their dreams of getting absolute pleasure savoring the sense of true Egyptian hospitality and professionalism. In this way, we could be the preferred brand globally, which provides the ultimate in reliable and innovative travel and tourism solutions.